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Release time:2024-01-31
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China-Portuguese Speaking Countries Cooperation and Development Fund (CPDFund) was announced by Chinese government on the Third Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries in November 2010. It is one of the Six Measures proposed by Chinese government to promote cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. CPDFund was launched officially in June 2013, with a total capital of 1 billion US dollars, funded by China Development Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Development Fund of Macao, managed by CADFund. In order to implement the 19 Preferential Measures for Macao announced by then Premier Li Keqiang in 2016, CPDFund settled the headquarter in Macao in June 2017, aiming to facilitate Macao to be better integrated in the Belt and Road Initiative, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

By now, CPDFund has invested projects in areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and financial business etc., covering Brazil,Mozambique,Angola and Macao etc., and has leveraged a total investment of more than 5 billion US dollars from Chinese enterprises to Portuguese-speaking Countries, with pipeline projects, covering most Portuguese-speaking Countries.



Agricultural Park Project in Mozambique


Yongda Power Transmission and Distribution and Water Supply Equipment Project in Angola


CSI Photovoltaic Plant Phases I and II Project in Brazil


SPIC's São Simão Hydroelectric Project in Brazil


CMP Paranaguá Container Terminal Project in Brazil


Investment and Financing Project for Macau SMEs


CTGI's International Clean Energy Strategic Co-operation Project


ICBC Debt Securities Subscription Project for Portuguese-speaking African Countries


SGBH Power Transmission Strategic Co-operation Project in Brazil