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BYD, 99 App and Santander reach a partnership
Release time:2024-02-19
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At 99, BYD and Santander announced a partnership to encourage the adoption of electric cars by drivers. In this partnership, BYD will grant an 8% discount on the list price of the entry-level version of Dolphin.

In addition, Banco Santander will offer rebates of 15%, 22% or 26% on the financing rate, depending on the down payment amount chosen by the customer.

The president of BYD Brazil, Tyler Li, highlighted that the partnership seeks to expand the possibilities of adopting electric cars for drivers, making the transition to electrified mobility easier and more accessible.

Thiago Hipolito, senior director of innovation at 99 App, highlighted the commitment to sustainability and the creation of solutions that make electrification an attractive reality for Brazilian society.

(Source: Portal Hortolândia, on February 15)