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State Grid wants to invest R$200 billion in the energy sector in Brasil
Release time:2024-04-05
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Chinese state-owned company State Grid announced on April 2nd its plan to invest R$200 billion in the energy sector in Brazil over the next few years. The intention was revealed by the vice-president of the corporation, Jin Wei, in a meeting held in Brasília with the Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira.

The new investments will be made in the electricity sector, in the transmission, production and distribution segments. It also intends to invest in renewable sources and mining ventures focused on strategic minerals for the energy transition.

“We have an excellent relationship with China and State Grid. We are sure that the partnership between the company and Brazil will make great strides,” said Silveira.

The minister must visit the company's headquarters in China to discuss the projects. State Grid is one of the largest companies in this sector in the world. In Brazil, it already operates in the transmission segment, operating several lines.

(Source: Poder 360, on April 2)