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Chinese peripherals brand Motospeed returns to Brazil
Release time:2023-12-05
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The Chinese peripherals brand Motospeed has announced its official return to the Brazilian market. The company returns to Brazil after a short hiatus and under new management, and promises to offer high-quality products at extremely attractive prices.

According to Motospeed's press release, the aim is to bring great news for 2024, as well as continuing to work with the brand's classics, which include mice, keyboards, headsets and other accessories for gamers.

The company mentioned that one of the premises of this new management is to work with influencers and technology media. Another point is the existence of a wide distribution network to offer products in the country's main e-commerces.

"The idea is to offer the gamer public in Brazil quality, reliability and a fair price. We want to offer excellent service and focus on the user experience," said Eric Felizola, Head of Motospeed Brazil.

(Source: Tudo Celular)