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Brazil could exceed forecasts and break all-time record for exports to China this year
Release time:2023-11-23
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Brazil's exports to China in 2023 could reach an all-time high of US$ 100 billion (almost R$ 500 billion), an unprecedented amount even taking into account trade with other countries around the world. The figure comes as a surprise even to the government's own economic team, which had predicted a ceiling of up to US$ 90 billion in Brazilian shipments to China.

Last year, exports totalled US$89.4 billion to the Asian country, which meant 26% of all Brazil's international sales in 2022. This year, 30 per cent of all Brazilian trade will be destined for China. In 2014, this percentage was 18 per cent.

In addition to soya, ore and oil, the arrival of corn on the trade list has boosted the commercial relationship between the two countries.

(Source: Brasil de Fato)