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China invests 100 million dollars in the construction of a brick factory in Moamba
Release time:2023-11-17
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China is investing 100 million US dollars in the construction of a brick, tile and other ceramic materials factory in the free economic zone of the Moamba district in Maputo province.

The industrial unit, with the capacity to produce one hundred thousand square meters of bricks and tiles per day, is being built in an area of three thousand square meters, employing, in this first phase, eight hundred and fifty workers.

Called Safira Mozambique Cerâmic Limitada, the industry is expected to come into operation next December, with the experimental phase scheduled for the end of November.

However, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Silvino Moreno, carried out a monitoring visit to the factory's construction works on the 13th of November and stated that with the entry into operation of the project, the country will reduce the import of these materials by 85%. construction and can export to other countries.

(Source: MMO Notícias)