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Xinhua Agency News prepares agreement with Edições Novembro
Release time:2023-11-15
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On the 8th of November in Luanda, Angola, the Chinese news agency "Xinhua Agency News" announced its intention to sign a cooperation agreement with Edições Novembro in the field of content exchange.

The intention was expressed by the director-general of Xinhua Agency News for Africa, Ying Qiang, who visited Edições Novembro with a delegation, where he met with the chairman of the board, Drumond Jaime, and toured the facilities of Jornal de Angola.

During the meeting the representatives of the two delegations gave a brief presentation on the media companies and analysed some of the points that will govern the agreement between the parties, to be initialled shortly.

Drumond Jaime said that Jornal de Angola was interested in exchanging services with the Chinese agency. "We are flattered to be chosen for this partnership," he said.

(Source: Jornal de Angola)