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Mozambique seeks Chinese experience in agricultural industrialisation
Release time:2023-10-30
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Mozambique wants to take advantage of China's experience so that it can industrialise the country based on investments made in agriculture.

"Here, in agriculture, we know that China has all the best to pass on to Mozambique, both in cereal and rice production. We already have a company in the country that is producing rice and throughout the chain China can certainly be better with us," said Mozambican Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane.

"It seems that here, Shenzhen, is the right place to be able to also speed up the implementation of our 'industrialise Mozambique' programme," he stressed.

"We can improve the model for financing activities, which is to combine credit but also to greatly strengthen foreign direct investment, i.e. Chinese entrepreneurs going there to invest, and to make this cooperation less problematic for outsiders," he emphasised.

(Source: Agência de Informação de Moçambique)