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Santa Catarina may host new branch of GWM
Release time:2024-04-03
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A meeting between the governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, and representatives of the Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) on March 27 sealed the Chinese company's intention to have a branch in the state. In addition to establishing a unit for vehicle distribution, GWM aims to create a strategic headquarters for the import of automotive parts and the local assembly of components.

The robust infrastructure, qualified workforce and business-friendly environment weighed heavily on the choice of Santa Catarina for the automaker's new branch. The proximity to ports and airports was also taken into account, as it will facilitate the process of importing parts.

GWM representative, Ricardo Bastos, said that the company already has some investments in Brazil, but is thinking about a long-term strategy and that it sees Santa Catarina as a very important opportunity to expand business in the country.

(Source: O Celeiro newspaper, on April 1)