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Umuarama slaughterhouse begins exporting chicken cuts to the Chinese market
Release time:2024-03-28
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On March 25, the first cargo of chicken cuts produced in the region left Umuarama for China. The Levo Alimentos industrial plant, which already exports poultry meat to almost 30 countries, was recently authorized to export to the Asian country and the achievement could be a differential in the growth and consolidation of the slaughterhouse, one of the largest in the northwest of the state.

Congressman Zeca Dirceu, who actively worked to get the region's industries licensed for the Chinese market, sealed the first container, which will carry special cuts of chicken of interest to the Chinese - such as the foot, tip and middle of the wing and other parts with a lot of cartilage. Each buyer has their own characteristics and preferences, said Levo's operations manager, Fábio Roberto Loch, "but the important thing is to open up this market and export to one of the countries that buys the most from Brazil".

The company expects to initially ship around 200 tons of poultry cuts per month to the Chinese market. The first cargo should arrive in the Asian country in 45 days.

(Source: ilustrado, on March 25)