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Angola's national airline orders four Boeing 787 aircraft
Release time:2023-10-16
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Angola's national air carrier, TAAG Angola Airlines, announced on October 10 its plans to order four wide-body Boeing 787 aircraft for its fleet, according to a press release issued by the company.

The order for the four aircraft occurred as part of implementing the business plan and modernization of the Angolan national air carrier's fleet. According to the press release, TAAG Angola Airlines currently operates five 777-300ER, three 777-200ER and seven 737-700 aircraft.

“Our aim is to work with the best manufacturers in the world to create a multi-type fleet of aircraft in order to ensure we have the right planes for each type of flight, especially our intercontinental connections,” said Eduardo Fairen, CEO of TAAG Angola Airlines.

(Source: People's Daily)