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Governor of Paraíba reveals arrival of new Chinese companies in Paraíba and says state will be "pharmaceutical hub of Brazil"
Release time:2023-10-20
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New Chinese companies, active in the manufacture of medicines, are expected to set up in Paraíba in the coming months. The assessment was made on October 16 by Governor João Azevêdo, who foresees the state as a national pharmaceutical and pharmacological hub. 

The information about the companies was given during Radio Tabajara's Conversation with the Governor program. João Azevêdo said that the new companies are in talks with the government, which began during the state government's second trip to China.

"We started the dialog a few months ago, culminating in our visit to China. Now, on yet another mission, there has been an awakening from other companies so that we can bring these products. We can't announce yet until the contract is formalized, but I believe that Paraíba will become a pharmaceutical and pharmacological hub in Brazil," said João Azevêdo. 

(Source: ClickPB)